What We Do

Create New…        … Re-Create
Prototype…         …Personalized
Improve…             … Make Custom

A new way of thinking, building on existing ideas and working outside the box to create new products is what TraylorHead is about.

What we do…Create New

Develop and design products for musicians , stage and more.

SVM24 Stage Video Monitor
Lyrics / Chords / Presentations

Little DMX
Stomp-Box Lighting
& Effect Controller

What we do…Improve Existing Ideas

Breakaway mount the cost time and money when it breaks
5001 Magna-Mount magnetic breakaway mounted on PowerMax with a Hypertherm plasma torch.

What we do…Make Custom / Prototypes and examples

We take ideas and grow them with 3D models and/or 3D printing. Create prototypes to realize the part or product in something you can feel. Using new technology like 3D printing we produce products and models that can not be created with injection molding or too costly with CNC machining.

What we do…Re-Create

Recreating old parts that are no longer available is just one other thing we can do for you. If you have an old broken part but can’t find it in stores or on the web, let us see if we can help you.

Created a new hand wheel using old broken hand wheel.
New replacement part works as good as old.