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Little DMX is a self-contained DMX lighting controller that will fit on a pedal board. It does not require a computer to program, but can still control lighting and effects scenes with ease.


Little DMX uses industry standard DMX communications on 1 single universe – up to 100 channels.


Capable of storing 30 user scenes (which are used for static scenes), and 2 TAP chase sequences. The system also contains 3 additional default scene settings that are used to create new scenes, along with Blackout and Whiteout scenes. Scenes can also be marked for use only in the TAP chase and will be bypassed when selecting next scene or in auto-run mode.


By defining the DMX channel types (Red, Blue, Mode, Speed, etc.) and assigning a group number to the channel, you can quickly edit a group of lights, select from preset color, or adjust the DMX channels for that group (or all groups).


Each scene also has the flexibility to to set the fade and display timing, which is used in the auto-run mode.


Tap chase has 2 separate chase sequences with 32 steps where the user can select which scenes to use. It has separate default time and fade settings, in addition to each step having its separate timing adjustments.


Once Little DMX is set up, a performing musician or artisan can control lighting effect or other special effects that work on DMX control signals with a simple press of the button.

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The very first stomp box-sized self-contained DMX lighting and effects controller. Easy to program, easier to use — and it fits on your pedal board!

The Little DMX is designed for use by a solo artist or a full band. It’s simple for a performing musician to go directly to a scene or to let the box run in auto mode, which will switch scenes for you. The versatility of the Little DMX makes it perfect for business, bars, and pubs. Anyone from a DJ, to a solo artist, to a full band can benefit!

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4.6 × 3.6 × 2.1 in

1 year warranty from date of purchase for original owner. Warranty covers any manufacturers defects with the device.


Options power supply 9-12V DC (Universal), 600mA power requirements † † Power can be either positive or negative center pin


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